PDH architecture and design

Piedmont Dream House is a global team for architecture and engineering, urbanism and design, all rooted in sustainability and founded by Sabrina Manera. 

Sabrina Manera is an architect who has been specializing for over thirty years in the renovation and restoration of ancient rustic farm houses in the world renowned UNESCO World Heritage region of the Langhe, Piedmont, Italy.  She feels a deep sense of commitment to maintaining the centuries of tradition within this beautiful area that she has called home for her entire life.  

Sabrina has been working in the Manera Studio, a firm founded by her father in 1960.   She works in the Langhe and has made it their business to understand every facet of building and renovation.  She works in collaboration with her father Geometra Riccardo Manera and her brother Geometra Ivano Manera.  Together they have been operating in the Langhe for more than fifty years and thus they have an expertise of the entire territory as well as how to manage the complicated system of local town halls and permits.  They have also worked now for generations with some of the best artisans one can find.

Sabrina Manera has created and founded PDH to provide the customer with a complete service that includes start to finish help with the purchase followed be the creation and execution of your project in order to realize your dream villa or cottage.

PDH has a talented team of designers and engineers with whom she collaborates in order to follow each project in its entirety from start to finish.  She takes pride in making sure that every detail is taken care of in a timely fashion.  Her team is united by their deep passion for the Langhe and they take great pride in being sensitive to the nature and traditional aspects of this magnificent region.  Sabrina understands that the best project is born from the integration of all of these elements to bring life back in a sustainable and modern way.

If your desire is to buy and renovate a centuries old historic villa in Italy and to create a beautiful place of peace and tranquility where you can vacation or live full time, we are here to help you make this seemingly impossible dream a reality.


PDH TEAM - Architecture & Design

PDH Piedmont Dream House, which includes surveyors, topographers, engineers, and interior designers, as well as a native English speaker who has chosen to make the Langhe his home . 

SABRINA MANERA - Architect and PDH founder

I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino in 1995.

My degree thesis focused on historical colors and materials of the langhe and Alba architecture, and is stored at the UNESCO Library in Turin.  When I wrote  my thesis I  had already begun build my passion and desire for the culture and tradition of the Langhe.  During the following years I began to specialize  in the renovation and restoration of historic 'rustica' homes in the Langhe.  

Over the years I have attended many courses that focus on renovation and restoration and other specializations relating to the field of sustainable construction such as:  new sustainable architecture and it's relation to climate change; working towards NZEB 2020 which is focused on creating building to get the most of energy saving and environmental sustainability ; study of how to maintain structural integrity of ancient homes in the event of seismic activity. 



I’m graduated to the College of Geometri of Mondovì since 1996 .

I’m twenty years of experience in cadastral, topographic and reliefs of lands and buildings with every instrumentation, from the traditional to the most advanced with laser and GPS and i can use it in ever context and situation . I can made a digitazion of all rural, civil and industrial environments, digitization of the territory through topographic and cadastral software.

I have also driver’s license for the DRONES ( S.A.P.R. E.N.A.C.) and i can do data tracking in open air wth my DJI  drone .

I’m specializing in security for construction since 1997 and I did training courses for energy redevelopment and thermography .

I can control and prepare, with years of experience, the passages of real estate through acquisitions, exchanges, donations, divisions and successions.

I’ can able to provide geological consultations in rural areas for agricultural land management and water regimation.

In particularly my passion is a reconstruction of borders cadastral property , where there is no more trace, with the utmost precision possible as well in real time with new GPS technologies, GOOGLE MAPS and software for the overlapping of cadastral maps.


CLAY  McLACHLAN - Food/Wine Photographer  

Clay McLachlan was born in Vancouver, Canada, and raised in San Francisco, California. Clay is a photojournalist based in Piedmont, Italy.

Clay is  a native English speaker who has chosen to make the Langhe his home for more than a dozen years and has personal experience with every element of the start to finish process of purchasing and renovation having completed two large renovation projects of his own. 



ALBERTO GIACOSA -Energy Engineer

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino in 2008 and specialize in ENERGY MANAGER with ISO 50001 exam: 2011

I am concerned with the energy upgrading of existing buildings and the design of thermal installations with the use of renewable sources to minimize the energy needs of the building.

The energy redevelopment project will serve to consume less energy, reduce heating and air conditioning costs, resulting in improved comfort and well-being within your home. It will also be part of the world effort to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption by protecting the environment in which we live and contributing to the reduction of pollution.

I conduct instrumental surveys on existing buildings using certified instrumentation such as the Thermometer or the Thermal Imager and data processing programs and tools, to carry out the cost-benefit assessment by submitting a report on a complete AUDIT ENERGY project on the building .


MAURO PIACENZA - Structural Engineer

I’m Structural engineer and I’ve reached my Master degree at Turin Polytechnic in Civil Engineer; I’ve been sign up in the Register of Engineers in France on 08.10.1999 and I’d been certificated for Teaching in School from 04.05.2000; CEO of Sigma Consult Engineering srl since 2009;

Involved as works supervisor consultant for non-governmental organizations for UN projects, P.N.U.D., H.R.C., E.C.O. relative to aqueducts, roads, infrastructure, schools, clinics since 2007 in progress.-Actually designer and Work’s director for SMAT (Company manager wastewater )

As Civil Engineering and Hydraulics consulting office , we are operating in North Italy since 1994 in Building industrial structural restoring and we’ve concerned as specialist technician in Seismic Restoration of Historical Buildings and design of metal structures; Since 2008 We’ve been involving in project and work’s management on hydraulic networks in aqueducts and sewers design.

References: Consultant of the UNIVERSITA’ di TORINO since 2005 for Historical Building’s reinstating design and work management, Construction’s site Risk manager. In charge of project of restoration Fiber Carbon Reinforced Concrete Structure of TORINO ESPOSIZIONI in 2010;

Project of structural restoring of Historical Carpano’s Industries building for EATALY in 2006;

Because of our interest for new technologies bring me to use ground breaking materials such as Resins Injection for ground reinforcement for Industrial buildings Foundations lowering and waterproofing concrete tunnelling structures. About that in 2008 I’ve concerned in project and works director of tunnelling restoring of the Lines M1 and M3 for ATM MILANO Metropolitane Milanesi.


MAURO SARTORE - Interior designer

I’m graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice I.U.A.V. in 1995.

My degree thesis titled "Relief and Reconstruction of the Castle of the Dukes of Pico - Mirandola" is kept in the archives of IUAV . Venice. I’m an Architect and specialist in interior and exterior luxury furnishings designer of villas, residences, renovations buildings, nationally and internationally work management and contracts. I have decades of experience in the design of residential villas and turnkey furniture in Russia (Moscow) and adjacent countries and also so many collaborations with Studio Tecnico Manera with experience of interior restoration of historic building in Langhe.

I have experience and Participation in various international competitions for Design Contest and I had exhibit my prototypes at the Satellite Pavilion - Fiera del Mobile - Milan 

I have been Architect responsible for luxury interior design and contract in Moscow - Russia - and various national and international collaborations with major brands.

(Faoma - SUM - Santo Passaia - Lab Design - Zuccati Interior - Studio Crea - 2 Square - Idk Italy - Big Fountain ) .