The Langhe is an enchanting region of Italy located in the Northwest corner of the country halfway between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea in Liguria. This is a world-famous region known for the stunning landscapes and long traditions of wine and food including the Alba white truffle and Barolo which has been called the 'king of wines and the wine of kings.'

The Langhe is geographically extraordinary with a lively and fascinating culture with diverse vegetation and culinary treasures.  The panoramas and gastronomy are the two main attractions and passions and for this reason the Langhe was the first wine region in the world to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.

Alba is the heart of the Langhe, a lively city-center known around the world for the annual Truffle fair during autumn as well as for the surrounding hills, castles, and wines.  The Langhe radiating north and south from Alba is characterized by charming hilly landscapes with vineyards, medieval villages and ancient castles.  The landscape is dramatic and no one hill resembles another and its' wines express the incredibly diverse terroir which is worthy of being discovered.  This is an area full of unique landscapes and wines known all over the world (Barolo, Barbaresco, Dogliani, Barbera, and Langhe Nebbiolo) and rich in truly enchanting and well known dishes (carne cruda, vitello tonnato, tamarin pasta, ravioli al plin, spectacular sustainably raised veal and beef, and hazelnuts).  There is a long history as well of chocolate, the closest city Torino, was the first place in Europe to roast cocoa beans to make chocolate and the world famous Ferrero company makes it's headquarters in Alba.  A little know fact is that Nutella was invented in the small hamlet of Dogliani.  

By choosing a dream villa in the Langhe you are not only taking the opportunity to delve into the ancient history of your home and bring it back to life as you with but you are also choosing to immerse yourself in this vibrant and energizing local culture.  The landscape surrounding these properties can include vineyards, woods, meadows, fields of hazelnut trees, wild flowers and breathtaking alpine views.  Within one-hour you can reach the beach, the mountains, and the city.  Come and join us!