Our team is available to provide you with a completely integrated service that begins with defining the parameters of your dream house and then assisting you in the purchase of your property.  

Once you have decided on which property you would like and purchase it we begin work on fleshing out the design best fits your needs.  In addition we obtain all the required municipal permits so that construction can move forward as soon as you have finalized designs.

We know that designing your dream home is extremely important and we are able to take into account all specific details from the beginning and help you with both interior and exterior design.  In purchasing a property that needs significant renovation you have the ability to tailor your home exactly as you would like, almost like building a new home but with the character of centuries of history. 

As a team we have a lot of enthusiasm and we are dedicated to working with the best local artisans who use natural materials from the langhe while at the same time carefully mixing traditional renovation techniques with modern technology.  In this way we are able to access to the best possible materials in order to create a home that withstand generations.  

Our design approach ensures that the integration of the renovated historic home will be beautifully incorporated into the beautiful Langhe landscape.  We strive to a maintain a balance with environment, tradition, and innovation.  Your home will have already had long history but it can be outfitted with the best of modern technology so that you can enjoy all four seasons in this stunning land, home of Wine of Kings and the King of Wines.

The renovation will be carried out with full respect of the original structure of the house, its constructive elements and typical materials in the area, but will also incorporate innovative technologies and green materials that satisfy our clients who are sensitive to tradition while being equally demanding with a sophisticated aesthetic for needs and functionality. 

For interior furnishings we have help procure restored antique furniture and original items typical of Piedmont's rural homes, mixing them with contemporary furnishings, and assisting the client in choosing and purchasing at numerous local antique markets or at the most exclusive furniture companies in Italy.


Our team, listening to your needs, will offer a you comprehensive search in the area to find a selection of the most suitable 'rustica' farmhouse or villa to fit your needs.

We have decades of experience renovating these beautiful historic properties and we will share our expertise with you in order to advise you on your choice of house while taking into account the multitude of building opportunities available for each property.  The sale price, budget for renovation and local building regulations will be considered and discussed so that you are prepared for the future renovation project. We will discuss with you realistically what you can expect to encounter in terms of renovation so that you are fully aware of the parameters before investing in the property.  We will spend time with you at the property discussing all of the details and if you decide to make a purchase, we will help you through the entire purchase process which can be quite lengthy here in Italy.  We like our clients to feel comfortable every step of the way so there are no unexpected surprises.

Project Management

Our team at Piedmont Dream House is able to guarantee the management of your renovation from start to finish.  After purchasing the property with our assistance and signing a contract with us, we will offer you all the following services. 

Metric relief -

The first step is to create a technical design of the structure and landscape using the most up to date technology in order to better understand the house and terrain. 

Preliminary construction project -

Concept: We work to define with the customer the total building volume as well as the maximum available modifications that can be made to the building with respect to the dimensions as well as cost.

General plan - Each level of the structure, each perspective, and each section of the house.

Computer view of the house in 3-D.

Video animation of the outside house and landscape.

Short technical report on the construction and finishing materials that will be needed to complete your project.

Designs prepared for construction permits

We prepare the documents that will need to be submitted to the local town hall in order to receive all correct building permits.  These documents will describe the project using the designs that we have agreed upon.  We have extensive contact with the local public officials and have decades of experience that help us to be certain we always have the correct permissions before moving forward during each step of the project.

Executive Project

At this point in the project we finalize all of the details of the new structure so that material can be calculated and ordered.  This is critical in planning the overall stability of the structure using geological surveys.  Everything will be presented in minute detail so that each artisan working on the property knows technically exactly what part of the project they need to complete. 

Works Contract and Works Direction - Works Closing

Contract for construction.  We will work with you to select the best team of artisans from both a quality and economic view point.  This will include a general contractor, an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter, a stone layer, wood floor or tile floor artisan, and a painter.

Our team will be overseeing the project and be acting as your representative with each individual contractor.  We are here to represent you and make sure that what you want is respected, we are your eyes on the ground.  At this very delicate stage of renovation on old rural buildings, we will personally follow on a daily basis the progress of the work by paying studios attention to every element of the project.  Our team is well aware of the importance of entrusting this critical stage of the building process to us.  We will be grateful to you, during the entire construction, to have very regular contact and will share photographs and verbal reports with you via email when you are not here in person.  You are of course welcome at any time to view the work status directly on site.

Interior and Exterior Design

3-D interior views with furniture suggestions, materials, and finishes proposed. This design will depend on customer suggestions and requirements.  

Exterior and garden furniture with 3-D views of the lounge, barbecue and various project areas - landscape design, pathways, water tanks, gazebo, swimming pool, trees, and lighting.

We provide our knowledge with respect to furniture manufacturers and pieces of art, fabrics, blinds and many different types of products through the use of a digital archive covering a wide range of catalogs.   We can help with the most exclusive products and materials for each style including classic, rustic, modern, and minimal aesthetic.